Do you make bass amps?

Bassist Roger Inniss came over to the workshop the other day for a chat, some coffee and for some maintenance work on his pedal board.  

Roger Inniss

"Do you make bass amps?" asked Roger.

Well I never say never but bass amps usually require lots of watts, and the valve based ones are big heavy and hot, not something I'm into.  

"It's only 50 watts but try this" I said showing him the Classic 45 which was sitting in the studio.

"Sounds great - really balanced across all the strings"

I handed Roger my Rickenbacker 4003.

"Wow - that's NICE" said Roger as I dialled in some power amp grit with the variable headroom control.

Do I make bass amps? I guess so!

Roger is currently touring with rising star of the Blues world Laurence Jones.