Drive King

..... unearthly sustain and a player-friendly dynamic response that flatters any guitar plugged in to it
— Guitarist Magazine review October 2017

The Drive King offers the player a comprehensive tonal toolkit.  Great clean tones, reverb and a switchable FX loop plus the Variable Headroom to add everything from slight compression to full on power amp crunch.  Then switch in the Drive section to add some preamp overdrive, drive the power amp harder or mix both together for smooth liquid drive tones.   And if you need just a bit more the FX loop offers up to 6dB extra foot-switch-able boost.

  • 50 watt single channel all valve amplifier

  • 2 x 6L6, 4 x 12AX7

  • Switchable cascaded gain stage

  • Valve buffered switchable dual level FX Loop with trim and full bypass

  • 5 position Variable Headroom

  • Post FX loop Master Volume

  • 3 position voice switch

  • Available with or without reverb

  • 515mm x 231mm x 214mm

  • 15 kg

Drive King 50 watt head with 4x10 cab

Drive King 50 watt head with 4x10 cab

Rear view showing FX Loop facilities