Owning a 633 Engineering Amplifier

The amplifier is as important - in fact more important in getting good tone than the guitar. Gimme a budget guitar and and a decent amp over an expensive guitar and a cheap amp any day
— James Litherland


Most of my amplifiers are built to order and include a degree of customisation to the specific needs of each customer.  This is one of the many advantages of buying a bespoke amplifier and it is something that I set out to offer from the start.  I give the guitar player an opportunity to break away from the features and facilities offered on mass produced amplifiers which are often the result of a 'me-too' approach to design.  I can build you an amplifier that meets your needs and allows you to access a great tone quickly without endless fine tuning and tweaking so you can get better enjoyment from playing the guitar. 

The other benefits of owning an amplifier from 633 Engineering include a 100% attention to quality, a design that is not compromised in anyway for ease of manufacture or to reduce costs and a price that reflects the quality of your amplifier, not the costs of paying for a sales and marketing department, distribution and shareholder dividends.  Regardless of the degree of custom specification whether it be just the colour of the tolex or a full ground up spec, every 633 amplifier is built to produce wonderful tone and to allow the player to access them effortlessly.

Test driving

 If you want to try one out call me and we can arrange a visit.  There are several possibilities for how to do this:-

  • You come to the 633 workshop in Northants, close to the M1 J15 and about a 1 hour drive from London
  • You visit one of a few select guitar shops and studios - by prior arrangement
  • Attend of the in-store 633 Amp Days that are held in music shops and venues across the country
  • I can bring a selection of amplifiers to demo at your home or studio


Have a look around the website, check out the available models and their features.  The sound clips and videos are as naked as can be - recorded to give you the best possible representation of how it would sound if you were in the room with amp next to you. Then get in touch to give me an idea of what you're looking for. (I'm continuously working on new videos - let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to hear, a particular combination of amp and guitar for example and I'll do my best to get it done). I'll give you a basic specification and cost estimate and if you're happy then we can fine tune the specification. 

Once the specification is finalised I can give you a total price and a completion date.  A deposit of around a half of the final cost will secure a build time-frame and I will then order the transformers and custom face plates.  If you wish I will send you regular updates and pictures showing progress.

Once your amplifier has been made there will the opportunity for 'tweaking'.  There are a number of areas in which this can be done and I can explain the scope of these when we specify the amp.

If you'd like a comprehensive list of available options send me an email.

I build a few amplifiers in the 'background' for demonstration and loan purposes.  These will sometimes be available to buy - contact me for up to date stock and prices.

Cliff Brown