Feature in Guitarist Magazine with Kirk using his 633 Engineering combo

Live band jam session demo of the 633 Engineering Drive King 50 watt head featuring Roger Innis (bass) and Dom Metz (drums)

We hook up with James Cole before a show to look at the two-amp rig he is using for the Live On Mars Bowie tribute tour and to see how he gets the various tones needed for the show.

Stuart Dixon talks about his 633 Engineering Custom 44 Amplifier

A look at The Groove King 50 watt head from UK bespoke handmade guitar amplification makers 633 Engineering featuring guitarist Stuart Dixon

Inpromptu video footage of Dan Leggatt playing a Les Paul Deluxe through the new 633 Engineering Drive King cascaded gain stage amplifier.

Kirk Fletcher kicked off his 2015 UK tour at Chambers in Folkestone. Here's a clip of him ripping it up over a medium shuffle. Gibson Les Paul, 633 Groove King Head, 3x10 cab with Celestion Alnico Golds, no pedals.

Sublime playing from Kirk Fletcher on this slow tempo blues live from Chambers Bar Folkstone on the opening date of his 2015 UK tour. Gibson Les Paul, 633 Groove King Head, 3x10 cab with Celestion Alnico Golds, no pedals.

Some tasty playing from Stuart Dixon showing off the Tremolo on his 633 Engineering Custom 44

Stuart Dixon Recorded at the Hot Hob blues jam on 17-02-15

Stuart Dixon live at The Hot Hob Jam playing a slow blues through his Custom 44

Cliff Brown of 633 Engineering talks with Mark Bruce, guitarist with Scottish neo-trad folk group The Elephant Sessions, about his Custom 20 amplifier at the London show of their 2015 UK tour

633 Engineering's Onyx Amplifier demonstrated by Lap Steel player Lee Spence