Jazz & Blues

With the craze for stomp boxes ever growing the overdrive pedal has never been more popular and there are literally hundreds if not thousands of variants to choose from.  I figured a new design of amp could be beneficial for lovers of pedals.

You may have experienced this - you get your amp set up for a great clean sound then you hit the drive pedal and the tone is too fuzzy or has too much mid so you want to adjust the amp again and bang goes your amazing clean tone.  

The 'Jazz & Blues' is a 45 watt single channel amp with remote voicing that can switched when you select your drive pedal.


The Jazz & Blues also has an FX loop located right at the front end of the amp right after the first valve stage, which is configured as a unity gain buffer. Your pedals get the right signal level and your guitar sees the amp directly regardless of how many FX you have switched in. There's no loss of tone and you can even put drive pedals in the loop. And your guitars' volume and tone work consistently without being affected by the first pedal in the chain.